Thursday, 26 May 2016

Head Study

To more accurately understand the proportions in this head study, I first did a trace study then repeated the study from observation.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wreck It Ralph Colour Studies

The brief for the Twizzler Princess character originated from the Wreck It Ralph movie. At the time I had not seen the movie so after doing some background studies, I continued with a colour study to tie in the character for a sequel. There's no real concept design in the background, just an exercise to show a storytelling theme. After the study, I created a colour for my character and background.. very simple using a textured oil brush.


Friday, 13 May 2016

Jakub Rozalski Process Study

I love Jakub Rozalski's work. He incorporates wonderful polish landscapes with a 1920's time period and some awesome mechs.  He has some work showing his process on his Artstation site, I chose to follow his process of his "1920 - don't play with the strangers" piece. I completed to a point where I felt I learned what I needed to, so there is a bear and a foreground character missing from my study.


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Head Drawing Studies

Moving on to Head Construction, here is study done on the steps from Micheal Hampton's book

Figure Drawing Studies #2

Studying Michael Hamptons book, Figure Drawing: Design and Invention I did some homework to understand Connections, Shape and Perspective Volumes. And in doing so, I practiced another 100 gestures to work from.

Twizzler Warrior Princess Background Design

I started re-working my second ever character design that I created at the Imaginism In-House Workshop by designing a background. At the time of concepting the character, I hadn't actually watched the movie from which the brief was taken from. So, I watched it a while back and recently decided to implement a background for the character. Here are some value studies and the character to be reworked

Coconut Boy Warrior Revision No.3

I redesigned my character design by changing the pose, facial features and coconut strands on the top half. Much happier with the outcome.