Thursday, 28 June 2012

Environments aren't my strong point,

but, I started with James Clyne's Sketching Exterior Environments tutorials from Gnomon Workshop

Apres basic training..

.. I started to use other media. The car tutorial was from and again Gnomon Workshop 

Arvind Ramkrishna, analogue tutorials

Feng Zhu tutorials

Scott Robertson tutorial

Back to Basics..

a while ago, I started to re-learn form and value to improve my penmanship... all thanks to Gnomon Workshop and Scott Robertson Tutorials (his designs, not mine)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Freelance Work, 2005-2007

Marketing Visual and Branding Designs

2nd University Projects, 2003

Spring Step, to aid rehabilitation in walking... with spring activated rubber composites in the sole

DrainerTop Dishwasher, compact and versatile design aimed towards single or couple occupants who are energy efficient and produce less dishes required by the conventional size dishwasher.

University Work #2, 2004 Speculative Design Futures

Athlete Sphere, a blue sky product designed for the year 2028. Autonomous indoor leisure activities will be stimulated with the use of the five sense. A multi-directional accelerated platform used with virtual reality pods projecting imagery, sound, smell, feeling, and taste...

University Work #1, 2004 Major Project

Field Microscope designed for use outdoors by Forensic Scientists and Archaeologists. The design encapsulates microscope lenses and stage assembly which is protected by a durable and sturdy outer casing.

"This is going in my Blog!..."

Greeting and Salutations, this blog aims to journalise my design history, new skills and everything from present and future works